Superheroes? Villains? And archenemies? If that’s the kind of stuff you like, you need to read this trilogy! It has everything from superpowers, love and action! It’s definitely a set of books you should pick up and try. 


Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 556

Book: 1

renegades marissa meyer

We start off our tale with book one; Renegades, in which we meet Nova, a young anarchist who is determined to eliminate the Renegades. In this world full of superheroes and villains, the ‘good guys‘ are the Renegades and the ‘bad ones‘ are the Anarchists. Alongside her fellow villains, they decide that Nova should join the Renegades, as her identity as an Anarchist is unknown to society. She manages to pass the trials and join the Renegades.

The first book is a wonderful beginning to an incredible story, in which our main character lives two separate lives, and slowly becomes attached to different characters.

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 560

Book: 2

archenemies marissa meyer

The next instalment in this trilogy is Archenemies. To be honest, I wasn’t blown away with this book in comparison as to how I felt with book 1. Originally, the author had intended to make this series a duology, but later on turned it into a trilogy. I felt as though book 2 didn’t add anything very important to the storyline, instead it just created a bridge from book 1 to book 3. It was a little disappointing as I’d really enjoyed the first book. I can’t even remember what happens in this storyline except that Nova, alongside her fellow partners, go on many missions to stop crime and Nova fights to not be discovered.

Overall it was a fun read, but definitely not as memorable as the rest!

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 552

Book: 3

supernova marissa meyer

This last book was probably if not most definitely, my favourite out of the three! It was incredible to see Nova be discovered and how everyone dealt with it. I enjoyed the ending and how it was nicely wrapped up. I was definitely expecting something devastating to happen! The only thing I was not convinced by was the Epilogue. I must be honest; the Epilogue was soul-crushing! It made me tear up. But it did leave me with a few questions.

Now, if you haven’t read these books, I’d suggest not to continue reading this part as I will be putting in a HUGE spoiler!

Spoiler Alert!

In the epilogue we discover that Magpie is in fact Nova’s sister Evie. This information almost crushed me. But then I started thinking… the Captain knew about Nova’s family. He was there the night it all went down, and he was the one to rescue young Evie. So, he has known from the beginning Magpie’s identity, I’m assuming? You could argue that Magpie went into an orphanage and the Captain lost contact, but then, why wouldn’t he have kept a watch on the young girl throughout the years? What I’m trying to say is, as soon as the Captain discovers Nova’s true identity… Why doesn’t he tell her that her sister Evie survived?

There probably is a reason I’ve totally missed out on, so if anyone knows, please feel free to clarify this for me, because it honestly left me doubting everything!


My rating; out of starts for the trilogy!

Have you read these books? What did you think? Let me know so we can chat about them!

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Written by : J.F.Johns

Award Winning Author of the Indie Book Awards 2017 for her trilogy Eternal Darkness. Author of YA sci-fi dystopian novels such as the Eternal Darkness Trilogy, Cyborg Tales (the novella) and the sequel After Darkness.

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