Eternal Darkness Revelations

Eternal Darkness Revelations


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The world is divided between humans and cyborgs. Scarlet Lock is neither. She is a soldier created to kill on command, and must now find a way to defeat the Activation before it’s too late. The war against the New Government is finally here and Scarlet must protect those she loves. Especially now that Lucian White is plotting something. Eric Thorn will stop at nothing to find the traitor that betrayed them while Andrew Silverstone must face the demons that haunt his nightmares. New alliances will be made. And secrets revealed.



The war is finally on their doorstep, but are they prepared for the truth that lies behind this battle? Scarlet has been training to become stronger and braver. Alongside her brothers and sisters, they must find a way to defeat the government and bring freedom to the Nation. But not everything is as it seems, and betrayals will shatter their hearts.

The battle against the government might not be as simple as it looks, and the loss of so many might be what finally breaks Scarlet and turns her into the monster she has always feared.

Will they finally win this war? Or will the truth of who is the mastermind behind everything be too much to bear?

2 reviews for Eternal Darkness Revelations

  1. Zoey


    I was send a copy of the ebook from the author so im starting this right now im so exited i will finish it today or tomorrow

    please let eric be safe and okay and have a happy ending


  2. Raoofa Ibrahim

    After reading:
    This girl knows how to write a story and definitely a plot twist!! This series is a must read, you’ll enjoy it, it’s simple yet it holds twists beneath.

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